The Consulting Edge: Movers & Shakers, Inc. The Consulting Edge: Movers & Shakers, Inc.


Since 1987 The Consulting Edge has been leading individuals and organizations throughout North America to personal effectiveness and professional success with outstanding facilitation in strategic planning, leadership and team development, creativity and innovation. With a passion for delivering dynamic keynotes, The Consulting Edge is a leader in enhancing individual effectiveness with thought-provoking topics that generate renewal, possibility, change and growth.

As a responsive organization, the heart of our success is our ability to relate to a variety of organizational issues and adapt to diverse audience groups. Through a client-centered approach, we work effectively at all organizational levels to offer valuable, creative and innovative solutions to the most challenging of environments and issues. Our experience spans multiple industries and sectors. With an emphasis on incorporating newness, awareness and playfulness, The Consulting Edge evokes collective participation and creativity to assist clients in achieving organizational goals.

With highly effective programs and services, The Consulting Edge brings the best and brightest resources to each engagement. We take great pride in the relationships we have established with our clients throughout our fifteen successful years of service to the North American business community.

At The Consulting Edge: Movers & Shakers, Inc. we:

place the highest value and respect on our clients and invest wholly in exceeding every expectation.
are committed to continuous learning for the benefit of our clients and audiences and for the personal and professional development of our team.
believe in contributing to our community and giving back to those fostering learning and developing at all ages and stages.
are dedicated to living happy, fulfilling lives by focusing on the positive, believing in the possibilities and embracing the pure joy of fun and playfulness.
devote ourselves to the paths of curiosity, wonder and discovery and commit to never settle for complacency.

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The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.

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