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The Dialogue Group

The purpose of The Dialogue Group is to provide a "safe" container or environment within which people can have a rich, enjoyable conversation. "Safe" means there is no overt or covert attempt to establish business connections, no hidden agendas, etc. It is simply a group of interesting people who come together to talk with each other. There are small group conversations that shift and flow as the evening progresses. There is no formal agenda. The conversations begin and end naturally.

There are no dues, no qualifications for "membership" and there is nothing to join. Each person pays directly for what they eat or drink and they are encouraged to tip generously since the restaurants we use have generously waived the customary group surcharge on a common bill. People come and go as they please and take responsibility for (i) the quality of the conversations they engage in and (ii) "paying their own way"!

At each meeting there is a question which is addressed sometime during the evening-after people have met one another, are relaxed and are willing to engage in a great conversation. These questions are not intended to lead into heavy conversations-light and lively is the goal! Questions and background commentary are e-mailed in advance along with the meeting date, time and location.

Examples of questions we have recently explored include:

  • If you could give a gift to every single child at their birth, what would that gift be, and why that particular gift? This would be something they would have forever; no one would be able to take it away from them without their permission.
  • What would you be willing to do in 2003 to make a positive difference in addressing a major social, environmental or political problem or opportunity you feel passionate about? Let's assume the scope of this problem or opportunity is beyond your ability to address all by yourself. Think as big as you dare!
  • What are some the things you are grateful for in your life?

If you are interested in being placed on the notice list, please e-mail David Gouthro at

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