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You Learn Faster if You're Willing to Blow It:
Reflections of a Nosefluting Troubadour!

You can learn without growing but you can't grow without learning. Simply Put: For any person or organization wishing to grow, learning is not an option. Obvious? Perhaps. Easy? Definitely not! If so, everyone would be learning as much and as fast as possible - yet this is not the case. Adults are paid a premium for "knowing" whereas "learning" is something done in one's spare time and is rarely encouraged or supported. So what's holding everybody back? In this topic we explore and explode one of the main barriers to learning: our unwillingness to "blow it" through a desire to save face, either publicly or privately. This highly engaging (and marginally musical) presentation invokes the noseflute as a unique metaphor, reminding and encouraging us to get back in touch with our joy of learning. Let's "blow it" faster and seize the gifts and opportunities that mistakes offer us!

Membership in the Vancouver Noseflute Ensemble is optional (yet encouraged!) for graduating participants of every Nosefluting session. Hmmmmm!

The Ordinary Hero: Be One Today

Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc, Terry Fox, Mother Theresa, Sir Edmond Hillary and Amelia Earhart. Heroes each of them. Known and respected by millions. What makes them heroes? Why do we look up to them? Does a person have to risk life and limb or demonstrate superhuman abilities to be one? And what about you? Do you think of yourself as a hero? I'd bet some of the children in your life think of you as one (or did at one time). I want to be a hero to my young daughter. Not because I want her to love or respect me more, but because I want her to see in me the values I believe will help her live as fulfilling a life as possible. We all carry the potential to be heroes to someone if we're clear on what's important to us and are prepared to act accordingly. This lighthearted look at ordinary heroes will leave you with the tantalizing possibility of becoming a hero yourself, each and every day.

A Passion to Lead: Creating Our Future!

Why would anyone in his or her right mind desire a passion to lead? After all, "passion" comes from the Latin word "passio", meaning "to suffer". Perhaps because the worlds we live in are not quite perfect and limitless opportunities exist to make them better. For every living, breathing, human being, the gap between the desired future and the present condition creates conscious dismay and tension. Suffering begins by seeing an opportunity to make a difference and choosing to do nothing. So we suffer if we don't lead when there's an opportunity or need to do so. What does it take to develop passion? What is the cost of living without it? Seeking or creating opportunities to lead is an amazing path of growth and satisfaction for those who choose - so let's start building our passion to lead today!

Fun Without Guilt: Putting Joy Back in Your Work!

So, are you having fun or are you getting your work done? Wait! Don't answer - it's a trap! It's not one or the other and don't be tricked into thinking it is! An unfortunate consequence of our productivity-driven society is the myth that "if you're having a good time, you can't be doing much of value". Given the choice of working with someone who is effective, efficient and having fun over someone who is effective, efficient and miserable, with whom would YOU rather work? This fast-paced exploration of having fun at work bursts through some of the barriers that prevent us from enjoying ourselves while keeping our organizations happy (sorry, make that productive .. or profitable)!

Creative Executives, Unicorns & Other Mythical Creatures

The Creative Executive. Yet another oxymoron in today's business lexicon? A term with inherent contradiction? Please say "it ain't so", because in today's climate, creativity has become an essential quality for present-day executives. Fast paced environments and increasingly demanding customers render the traditional obsolete. Fresh approaches are critical to organizational growth - yet stakeholders hold verdict on the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons and at the right cost. The pressure to do things "right" generates judgmental environments that at best discourage creativity, and at worst are downright constipating.

Everyone is creative. You just need to be comfortable with being creative. The challenge is augmenting solid, traditional business skills with the ability to recognize when creativity is essential and then tapping into it. This session serves as a mental laxative to loosen up fixed positions, perspectives and perceptions. It allows the creativity within to be recognized and dragged from the depths of the mind to the surface where it can be refreshed and nourished by light of day and fresh air. Fun and challenging, this session encourages everyone to release their inherent creativity and seek exciting opportunities to use it!

Building the Courage to Win

No one can argue that we're in the midst of one of the most challenging, complex and confusing times in recorded history. Regardless of our job or occupation, what used to work either no longer works or works differently than it used to. Gone are the days of predictability and consistency, putting an incredible strain on all of us. A particular burden falls upon those looked to for leadership in both organizations ranging from huge multi-nationals all the way down to individual family units. The challenges are the same - they just play themselves out differently.

Literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of books have been written on how to be an effective manager or leader, each offering unique, useful advice on building the personal skills necessary to guide others. This session focuses on what is believed to be the most critical of personal traits: courage. What is courage? When and why do we exercise it? What conditions are required for us to act courageously? How does courage provide a foundation for our curiosity, creativity and commitment? How can we encourage others to act with courage too?

Little is written specifically on this topic, so we examine courage in depth and explore the areas where exercising personal courage will have the greatest potential impact. We unfold the questions surrounding courage throughout the session with an emphasis placed on there are no "right" answers but plenty of "possible" ones. Be prepared for a delightfully personal and highly engaging offering.

Quotes & Reflections

It is better to have a right destroyed than to abandon it because of fear.

Phillip Mann

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