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Consulting & Facilitation
Your ability to shape a day of learning that was both thought provoking and easy to participate in was masterful. Your willingness to give of your time and be a resource person is an important and essential element in the success of our program. Thank you again for making this day dynamic and powerful, and for your hard work to improve the collective effectiveness of our emerging community leaders.

David Holtzman, Executive Director
Leadership Vancouver

The feedback we received from your session was overwhelmingly positive, both from the customers and from our internal participants. Rather than focusing on what we could get out of our customers, you initially focused on establishing a level of trust and respect between our executive team and the Council members. Once this relationship was established, you were able to engage our customers in a series of thought-provoking exercises, all the while building a sense of community amongst our Council participants.

Greg Dalzell, Director, Marketing Development
Packeteer, Inc.
Cupertino, CA

We are a highly diverse group with multiple perspectives on business direction and future focus. We needed an outside facilitator to push us past some sticking points and challenge us to re-think both strategy and tactics. We also needed a facilitator who was comfortable directing without being directive, and who would bring a sophisticated understanding of consulting practice strategy. You perfectly matched our needs.

Mark Frein, Associate
Learning Strategies Group
Simon Fraser University - Faculty of Business Administration

From our first two sessions David's skills became apparent:

  1. He was able to set group dynamics that allowed for issues to be tabled in a non-confrontational manner,
  2. He was able to "read" individuals and pull together small working groups that would maximize the time available and the potential contributions of each individual,
  3. He kept the group focused on the tasks at hand without resorting to strong arm techniques: thus the group came to trust him implicitly.

Our progress has been dramatic and would not have occurred at the same pace or to the same standards without David's assistance. He has provided real, demonstrable value to our company working in areas that are difficult and too often avoided for that reason.

Robert M. Lawrie
President and CEO
Q Media Services Corp.

I want to put onto paper how valuable your contributions have been to our workshop over the past three years. Looking back over the past years, your interactive facilitation skills addressed the following: The Courage to Lead; Exploring Emotional Intelligence; Is the Creative Executive an Oxymoron? The fact that you were brought back by the group for a third time indicates how much your skills are treasured.

Doug Ballingall
Director, Professional Education
AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

The Customer Care Management Group at ICBC would like to express our appreciation and thanks for your presentation on change and for showing us how we can use courage to move us forward. You have a knack for instilling courage and inspiration through stories that are relevant to our business.

Many Comments were received from the group around how they felt energized, motivated and rejuvenated after your session.

Again we would like to express our appreciation to you for coming to our planning session and providing us with a few helpful motivational tips that will assist us in managing change in the future.

Mark Nelson
AVP Service Quality
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Quotes & Reflections

If you have a great ambition take as big a step as possible in the direction of fulfilling it, but if the step is only a tiny one, don't worry if it is the largest one now possible.

Mildred McAfee

David Gouthro
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