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Keynote Speaking

Your address was both very motivational and entertaining. It was a super jump start to our educational sessions. As facility managers, we encounter constant change in our environments and it is necessary for us to take a step back to refocus ourselves. The address was a reminder that if we open our eyes and ears, there is always something we can learn from our environment that will assist in improving our leadership roles and management skills.

John T. Wong
Vice President, Annual Meeting
Pacific Coast Association of Physical Plant Administrators

The "Courage to Change" was the uplifting message we needed. You appealed to the audience because of the way you presented the topic and captivated the audience by involving them in the scenarios. One felt compelled to listen and watch for fear of missing part of what was being said. The presentation was well delivered and the content was excellent, leaving one at the end of the presentation feeling that having the courage to change must be instilled in everyone as change is always present and will become more so in the coming years.

Marjorie Hayden, Manager, IS Education
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

David brings a great deal of passion and energy to his presentations. He is also a very caring human being that audiences immediately warm up to.

Deborah Jones
President, Well-Advised Consulting Inc.
Chair, Health, Work & Wellness Conference

Your presentation was thought provoking, pertinent and entertaining. I have received notes from around the Institute expressing their appreciation for your session and for the way in which you conducted it. In particular, you set a very positive tone for the remainder of the program. Many speakers and participants made reference to your key ideas throughout the day.

Tony Knowles, PhD, President,
British Columbia Institute of Technology

I would like to thank you for your significant contribution to our 2002 Annual Conference, Charting Directions for Professional Growth. Providing relevant continuing professional development offerings forms an essential part of the Association's efforts to maintain high standards of practice. The time and resources you devoted to ensuring that participants would engage with your topic are much appreciated.

Wayne Gibson, P. Eng., Director, Communications
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEG)

Quotes & Reflections

The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.

Leslie Poles Hartley

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